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July 12, 2012


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I had never seen this company as a whole before. WOW! I cannot wait to read your articulations on Giselle, probably the most beautiful Giselle I have ever seen. Ports de bras become meaningful gestures; all the elements of the production and the company combined as one.

I would love to see all these programs. I remmber Jorge Donn in Bolero!

Hi dc!

Jorge - another great one from Argentina!

Wow. Another ignorant review from Alastair Macaulay which looks like another case where he or his helpers have scoured the internet forums and blogs and instead of writing a review of the actual performance, they wrote a response to what others wrote about it in the previous 18 hours.

Going forward, when he wants to trash choreography that is as historically significant as Lifar's Suite en Blanc, his editors need to make him explain why his opinion is 180 degrees from the more learned critics (e.g., Clement Crisp, Ismene Brown and others) who refer to it as "treasure" "brilliant" "heart-raising" and other such positive terms.

And there he goes again, pronouncing that this person is better than some dead person in the same role when A) it's not true and it's immaterial, 1) he's judging one dancer's live performance against a video on YouTube, and i) he offers no technical evaluation as to why one dancer was better than the dead person. And he tries to compare Lifar's choreography to Christopher Wheeldon's - for what asinine purpose? Why do his frickin' editors let him get away with this garbage?

A friend of mine saw this program in Chicago and she literally ran out of superlatives -- she apologized for saying "Fabulous" so much!

I've watched the Jorge Donn Bolero on YouTube at least a dozen times in the last few weeks. He had....IT, didn't he?

Looking forward to your review of Giselle.


Ballet newbie HH

I gotta tell ya Henry - Jorge Donn had IT in spades. Even the NYT's Anna Kisselgoff couldn't resist him in Bolero. By the way, Anna studied ballet for over 10 years whereas Macaulay has no experience at all. He's morbidly ignorant about the art form.

The Macaulay situation reminds me of how I feel about the orchestra/opera critic for my local bird cage liner, the LA Times, Mark Swed.

Until the early 90's the post was held by Martin Bernheimer. Now, MB could be a bit much at times and at the end of his tenure, it was clear he was bored here and wanted to move on. But damn! did he know every nook and cranny of the symphonic and opera rep AND he was the main ballet critic for a while too.

So, he left and Mark Swed comes in and....he's the anti-Bernheimer. Obsessed with American minimalism, he acts as a cheerleader. If you read him, Gustavo Dudamel has never conducted so much as a bad bar of music since he's been here (that's SO not true), it's all just so wonderful and beautiful!

Ah, critics!

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