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July 31, 2012


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The pictures one can already see and glimpses of the costumes look amazing and really within the feel of this specific fairy tale. Made of dreams.
I'm about to listen to this interview with Lucy Green that has been posted to their Facebook page!

Hi Kallima. I listened to the interview with Lucy the other day. She is a very articulate young lady - just as one would expect Cinderella to be.

Indeed, and one can really observe her development. Being excited for her first really big leading role and at the same time gaining confidence. First reviews also sound good, and what people over there on Facebook are writing. The set amazes me as well. Hoping for some more photos during the next couple of days.

Speaking of Stella - did you see that she and Sascha performed The Leaves Are Fading pdd at the Nantucket Dance Festival last week, with some pretty well-known names on the program? I suppose there's no way McKenzie is going to give us that one at CC in October, huh. http://www.nantucketatheneum.org/programs-events/benefit-events/nantucket-atheneum-dance-festival/july-24-28/program/

Indeed, Rachel! And did you see that for that engagement Stella's biography was completely updated and revised to highlight her extraordinary accomplishments that ABT seemingly doesn't want anyone to know about?


Kalima, the reviews have been really good so far. However, the performance pictures have not been the best. Hopefully we'll see a picture of that Swarovski tutu in action before too long.

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