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August 03, 2012


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I hope some kind soul lets us have a peak of her through youtube!

Me, too.

What would you have said, though, Haglund, had ABT not updated their website? Had they left Stiefel et al on their website, wouldn't one say they were trying to capitalize on dancers who were no longer in the company? That would be unfair. It is the start of ABT's season, and naturally they would want to have an updated list of dancers.

Also, is Maria Riccetto being billed as a guest artist in Uruguay? (My poor Spanish leads me to believe so). What is the difference between Bocca hiring her for the 2012/13 season and McKenzie hiring guest artists? I suppose Riccetto did train in Uruguay and is in essence returning home for a year, which does make the situation slightly different. Is there something else I'm missing? Nonetheless, I am too looking forward to any peaks of Riccetto dancing in Uruguay.

Hi Nicholas! Thanks for stopping by H.H.

Maria has said from the beginning that her contract with NBS was for one year and that she expected to return to ABT. Why didn't ABT leave her up on the website the way they leave other dancers who take long leaves of absence?

The company that is really "America's National Ballet Company" – NYCB – has always had an alumni section on its website in various forms. Not a hard thing to do.

Maria danced in the corps of NBS before coming to the U.S. She's not an outsider to that company; she is its most acclaimed insider. She is a cherished celebrity in Uruguay and has been the subject of considerable media coverage since she landed including a 15+ minute television interview this past week and numerous newspaper features.

The guest artists that McKenzie hires are not any better dancers than those available in the company ranks already and in several cases, the guests are embarrassments to the classical form. If McKenzie were to hire the best in the world to come here, such as Ulyana Lopatkina, I would cheer. I would say, yes, have Herrera,Kent,Vishneva, whomever sit out Swan Lake this season so Lopatkina can dance here. But the junk that McKenzie is bringing in here is just inexcusable and he's hiring them instead of developing the talent in the company.

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