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August 11, 2012


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Hey, Haglund, I don't know about the big bucks, but I would certainly pay a subscription fee.

LOL, Angelica. I suspect that the subscription route would lead to a dead end - like it seems to have with most publications.

Hopefully there will be actual dancing and the Balanchine Trust will allow more than 15 seconds of his work to appear at a time! Great news.

Hi K.

That certainly would be a concern, but, you know what? It would be a shame to have to do so, but NYCB has enough non-Balanchine choreography that SJP could make a program that appealed to a very wide audience using less traditional works, especially when Valentino is thrown into the mix and the focus could be on the dancers more than the choreography. I'm sure that the Balanchine Trust would recognize that in allowing something like that to happen, it would create a receding image of Balanchine for today's general not-so-ballet-savvy audience, which would not help the Trust's cause at all. They need to loosen up a bit, and this SJP project will probably be a test of that.

Haglund, did you see the reality show about Ballet West in Salt Lake City called "Breaking Pointe"? I watched all the episodes and there was good and bad.

Good: lots of rehearsal stuff, getting to see how a full show is put on, getting the amount of pressure the dancers are under (the series starts with contract renewals, they show one woman as she gets cut loose), lots of hot guys in spandex :-)

Bad: it's a reality show, so they spent an inordinate amount of time on a romance between a lead female dancer and a male dancer, plus a lot of "Hey let's go to the local gay bar to get THE ONE GAY GUY IN THE COMPANY a date" time wasting that has nothing to do with the ballet

Overall it was good, the guy in the "romance" fell flat on his face during one of the performances, I was afraid we were going to see him slit his wrists afterwards.

7/10, 2 points off for the romance nonsense

I would totally watch a reality show about NYCB.

Hi Henry. I watched the first episode, but was not home for all the rest - usually out at the ballet. The episode that I saw seemed to borrow extensively from the program "The Secret Lives of Dancers" which was about the Royal New Zealand Ballet, but did not hold a candle to it from an artistic/entertainment standpoint. I would think/hope that Sarah Jessica Parker could do better by mixing her fairly good fashion sense with her ballet interests. She seems to truly enjoy NYCB and is joined at the hip with Valentino who is designing NYCB costumes this fall. By the way, a local Haglund'eeler dropped me a note to say that the SJP team was recently seen filming at Valentino's in NYC.

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