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November 30, 2012


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I see a Royal New Zealand Ballet Marathon in my future. So glad you're giving us this to look forward to.

We'll have to keep a sharp eye out for potential venues. My guess is that City Center might be a bargain for touring companies right now given the defections of Paul Taylor and ABT, but the New York State Theater is still a possibility.

Oh, goodness me. Happy for everyone at RNZB!

Hi Kit. They are going to China, too. It may be close enough for you to catch a performance.

Woo hoo!!

I've been waiting for some announcement from the Lincoln Center summer festival for 2013 and wonder if RNZB might come in July or August under their sponsorship. In recent years, of course, they brought POB and Mariinsky. With a headliner like Murphy, they could do well at the State Theater.

Julie, you are absolutely right, and LC Summer Festival loves to bring smaller, unique groups as well as the big POB, etc. I hope we get lucky.

Haglund, China is close enough for a couple of hours flight--if I had the money. Alas, no (and will likely be that way for years). So I will live vicariously through pictures and videoclips and reports. Still, I am very happy for the company--and our boy Ethan :)! Perhaps if they release a DVD later on, I might be able to order online...

... or, Kit, the wide international distribution of the movie that RNZB says has already been arranged just might include your area. Keep your fingers crossed.

There's a hopeful thought! :)

Another interview with Toa Fraser confirms that RNZB's Giselle will be shot in New York next year following shooting in Auckland and Shanghai, and that the movie will be released later in 2013!


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