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January 30, 2013


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Combine "Breaking Bad" with "Black Swan" and add a pinch of "Mad Men," and you've got a crowd-pleaser for sure. Maybe it will bring in new audience members.

Why not save money and just film a reality show at the Bolshoi theater? It would be twice as dramatic. Have you read about this thing with Lunkina now?

Hi "A". It's all pretty wild, isn't it? I'm looking forward to hearing something about the results of all those lie-detector tests. Probably some of this kind of stuff will turn up in the TV show. It seems the timing of the announcement about a show "in development" stages could have been made to capitalize on the news coming out of Moscow.

Angelica, I think Danny DeVito should play the uber-scrupulous, uber-secretive blogger who uncovers and publishes dirt on the dance world. We only see him from behind at night as he sits at his desk lonely typing beneath a naked, flickering bulb -- yes, typing on a typewritter with Cyrillic keys. But we know his voice, and we know it's him when he arrives every night out front of the theater in his yellow taxi to pick up dancers to take them home or wherever they go after the show. "Can I give you a lift, Sweetie?" She climbs in the back of the taxi and sighs, "I need more than a lift." "Oh," says Haglund Danny, "Snort some of this, Baby, and tell me your troubles."

But I'm afraid it would all be too uncomfortably close to reality. Way too close.

Gossip Girl: The Ballet

or -

Revenge: The Ballet

Just FYI, Gabrielle is not the other sibling in that Brown family. It was Elizabeth Laing (nee Brown). Gabrielle is a different "Brown.

Thanks FrmrDancer. I will correct that shortly.

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