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March 26, 2013


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Please keep us posted if you do ever hear about a DVD. I can't make it on Sunday, but there's so little video out there of Veronika, I would pay almost anything to have this record of her magnificent white swan!

Will do. There are some Tuesday showings around the country in the evening as well.

I despair! I want giant Veronika and Marcelo to emote at me in a darkened theater!

K - it's playing both dates in Corona, Claremont, and Pasadena and several other places close by. Wow, now that you describe it like that, I may go twice.

All a 40 mile or more drive for me, unfortunately. A place by my house did them in the summer last year, so I'm hopeful to catch the reruns then. I live vicariously (or on youtube) until that point.

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