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March 12, 2013


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I'd also love to see bostons misa kuranaga~ i've become quite taken with her in all the vail videos w/ herman :)
& of course would love to see yuriko/ jared SL.

I forgot about Joe Gatti. Would like to see him as well but not in Jorma Elo.

Yes, i looove joe gatti! but have to agree on jorma elo i'm afraid :/

Jorma Elo is the worst!

Boston Ballet also has Lorna Feijoo who is lovely.

They'll probably bring a whole evening of Jorma Elo for us.


You mentioned the Boston Ballet "Star" who abandoned them for ABT..... (and J. Gorak is still in the Corps)....did you see that "Stars`" video on Youtube?

I'm not sure to which video you refer.


Youtube :Welcome To My Closet .......

Yes, Fred, I've seen that.

Whiteside goes well beyond being flamboyant, however. He runs a second career as a video and cabaret entertainer that is not child-proof or youth-proof. Flamboyant is fine. Dressing up as clownish caricature of a whore-ish woman who has black-ethnically stylized lips or wrapping what looks to be barbed wire around a suffering body for a titillating drama on a bathroom floor goes beyond responsible behavior for an ABT professional, in my opinion.

Whiteside's attention-seeking, outlandish sexually provocative behavior, and his need to draw others into situations where he can be the center of attention really suggests a disorder. Another personnel mistake by ABT.


Agreed ......I never thought anyone had the guts to write that !!!!!

Let me just state that I , and many others appreciate your blog , and the freedom you allow to express one`s opinions - unlike "Ballet Alert" ...where PC and censorship is the order of the day .

Thanks, Fred. Now and then I have to put my foot down, but not often.

Jared & Yuriko are beautiful dancers and wonderful people and should be given the opportunity to dance all of the lead roles with ABT, especially the classics.

Jared looks like a Prince and Yuriko is beautiful too.

So true, so true. Yuriko's arms in Swan Lake would be heavenly.

Let's hope that on Saturday night, some wonderful person illegally films Jared & Yuriko in the Black Swan PdD in Jackson and posts it on YouTube.

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