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March 31, 2013


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I watched mesmerized, performing my Easter worship at the altar of Veronika Part and Marcelo Gomes dancing the pas de deux from Swan Lake. Everyone who hasn't seen this film: PUT IT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST! Rapturous, expansive, and confident in a way that allowed for every last nuance of expression. I liked what Veronika said at the beginning about needing to have full trust in her partner. Without mentioning any names, it does make you wonder about the spring casting.
And let us not forget Stella Abrera, who was a gorgeous Myrta and should have been the one dancing the role of Giselle.

Totally agree with you. Last year should have been Julie Kent's last Swan Lake, but she has a habit of hoarding roles past the time she should be dancing them. Her final performances of La Bayadere and Le Corsaire were not good at all and clearly displayed her struggling with the basics. If she wants to hoard still another Swan Lake, she should dance it with someone else and leave Marcelo to Veronika so that the audience can see the best that ABT has to offer. If the other senior principals are expected to dance with Stearns and Whiteside, so should Julie.

Yes, you are so right. Stella was beautiful and she should be Giselle. We need a complete clean-out of ABT's Giselles. Next year we should see no fewer than FIVE new ones: Abrera, Kajiya, Lane, Murphy, and Part. Now that would be a marketeer's dream.

Haglund, I feel the same way about not needing to see another Swan Lake. I saw the first Part-Gomes performance in NY, another in NY, I believe, and the third in D.C, 3 years ago? That one, after Veronika had gained some confidence and had become more consistent and secure. Perhaps the most beautiful performances I have ever seen. I haven't seen SL since.

I'm willing, of course. Maryinski is bringing it this year. I'll go for the corps, but I do not expect to see more luxurious leads. I would, however, commit horrible deeds to see Abrera in the part.

DC, it's the intoxicating brew of their technical and artistic mastery, their Hollywood handsomeness & beauty, and the fact that they do really compliment one another and wholly commit to the characters. ABT should be proud of them as a pairing and exploit their Swan Lake popularity instead of hiding them from us in the hope that it will make the others look more acceptable.

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