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April 12, 2013


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They want to devote 2 sessions to question of What Makes an ABT Dancer? The answer to that question is easily answerable in one word: Ardani.

I would prefer Kevin put on that stage all of his current acquisitions from Ardani, and have him and said artists answer questions as to why they are deserving of their positions.

True, Genna.

Is ABT going to tell us how fabulous Osipova and Vishneva are in De Mille and Mark Morris works? Or how great Vasiliev is in Tudor and Taylor? Or Semionova in Tharp, Limon, and Lubovitch? Oh, wait, they've never danced that ABT rep. Maybe the W&P won't be about that type of ABT dancer; maybe it will be about the other type of ABT dancer: the one who is faithful and forgiving to a fault; the one who lets the director walk all over them and give their opportunities and principal recognition to imports of lesser quality.

Somebody needs to look at the obvious "contract for cooperation" between McKenzie and Ardani to see just how McKenzie is being "lubed" in return for replacing ABT artists with Ardani imports. Anyone who thinks that only happens in Russia, should think again.

Now I really wished I'd bought a ticket!

Abrera, Radetsky, Scott- some of the dancers who are the artistic soul of the company. As Gorak gains confidence, I hope he maintains his integrity. He seems to be absorbing the best from the truly greats in the company. And those legs!

Gorak is the last protege of Bujones. Hope he holds onto that lineage and integrity.

Don't care much of the Q&A, I actually want to see this program considering the are using the company artists instead of the "imported" ones. You can see Stella and Sascha dance twice in one evening, don't see that too often (or at all)!

True, LBJ, we don't see them much. They looked wonderful together in Le Corsaire. We're being robbed by not getting their Giselle. Robbed.

Hi Haglund-

What's your experience with/ have you heard anything about trying to get standby tickets for the event? I'm so interested in seeing this program - it looks better than the met gala, honestly- and just dropped the ball on the day that tickets went on sale!

on a random side note, i've been checking your site multiple times a day! i can't get enough of your posts/comments and comments of your readers!

Thanks much.

IMO, waiting in line for standby tickets isn't worth the time or effort. There will be so few of them available, although you might get to stand. The W&P livestreams have been getting better with fewer transmission problems, and they are available to watch again and again usually by the next day. Be sure you're on the W&P mailing list so you get early notification of future programs. Only the Sunday program is being livestreamed.

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