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April 21, 2013


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I just got here; I hope I haven't missed too much Stella or Sascha!

Wow--send the kid who just nailed the entrechat sixes straight into the Albrecht costume. I thought a few of the young men were very impressive.

I hope Radetsky isn't injured again. A few years back when he and Stella danced the leading PdD in Leaves, they were sublime. So perfect.

Yes, K, some of the young men are quite impressive, much more so than the young ladies.

A HH reader just confirmed via email that she thought Stella was indeed startled by that awkwardly worded question from John Meehan that sounded as though he was asking her if she had danced Giselle. Surely, he must know what a sensitive issue that is with her and all of us. Also, the HH reader thought that when Meehan mentioned Sleeping Beauty, Stella probably thought she'd better not mention that she had actually danced the title role of Aurora (TEN TIMES) in New Zealand, and stick to mentioning her Lilac Fairy.

What a sad state of affairs it is at ABT that dancers have to minimize their worldwide accomplishments in public because the director refuses to recognize them.

Haglund, do you know if a recording of this will be available online later? Sadly, I wasn't able to make the live broadcast, but would still love to see it.

What a great commentary, Haglund!

In addition to being one of ABT's finest ballerinas, Stella was the epitome of grace under fire last night. Hee Seo was a blank in Swan Lake. All that half-baked mime did nothing to convey the tragedy of Odette's story. And Isabella Boylston, even apart from the fact that she didn't come close to her head in those famous grand jetes, simply has no arresting stage presence.

I love the way you characterize the JKO students. They were utterly bland and uninteresting to watch--no "perfume" says it very well. The entrechats sixes were impressive, but I so much wish ABT would go back to the version with brises.

Kit, they usually upload a video of the performance shortly afterward. However, I see that they are still trying to get the April 14th performance of Wendy Whelan uploaded; so it may be a little while before they get the ABT one up.

Hi Angelica. Both Hee and Isabella were terribly amateurish. Isabella has already had a full performance of Don Q; so what is her excuse? Meanwhile, Stella continues to out-dance, out-perform, out-grace, out-act both of them, but she receives no opportunities to shine in leading roles. After this event, how can anyone look at Hee Seo and see a principal while Stella continues to deliver superior performances and receives no recognition for them? Stella has been with ABT since she was 17, and McKenzie has a perverted sense of entitlement that he can keep this gorgeous dancer confined to the cellar in order to make lesser dancers seem more palatable. Hee and Isabella stunk last night, and it's time that McKenzie smelled that reality.

Haglund, are you James Wolcott?

No! But I am extremely honored by your question. Just to make clear, nor am I Alastair Macaulay.

I think all of your readers are curious as to who you are. Why don't you reveal to your readers your identity?

I do on occasion. Active blogging can easily jeopardize one's employment. That's why companies try to control personal blogging, tweeting, FB of their employees. Most everyone who I read, and who doesn't derive income from blogging, uses a nom de plume.

My blog, folks.


I like that you remain anonymous, Haglund. It's like tenure for academics: you can say what you mean without losing your post. I enjoy reading your blog very much and find your posts remarkably honest and often, wonderfully complimentary of the dancers, which is sadly missing in so many reviews these days.

Thanks, Elizabeth.

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