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April 30, 2013


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Nothing like the stories you read about the Mariinsky, I trust, like putting glass in someone's pointe shoes!

Not sure, but that glass business might have been at the Bolshoi. I expect much worse in this new series and suspect that a lot of the darkest "turmoil" will begin in the costume department where one loose thread will lead to another and another and another ...

NYCB has just uploaded a preview clip on its Twitter account. It's also here:


oooh, you're right, Angelica. Apparently that glass business goes on at the Mariinsky, too. So sick.

I hope that somehow it ends up on Youtube. How else would I get to see it? Can't wait.

PS - Have you been watching the "screen test" b&w little videos? Janie Taylor's is a scream. She says that when dancers go offstage, they can say some pretty salty things (my words). Then they step back on stage and it's all pristine and beautiful again.

I want to know details. Who exactly says what? I wonder if Megan Fairchild says "shucks."

Thanks for the heads-up about the screen test videos, Diana. It looks like a pretty interesting little series. Boy, NYCB has certainly got its media plan working for it. The website, even though its so full of script that it slows down every page, is looking better and better all the time.

I watch them on Youtube. I can never get anything to work when I click on their vids on the actual NYCB page.

Oh, perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "scream" with respect to Janie's comments. Extremely amusing is a better way to describe it.

Yes, I'm very impressed with Martins' marketing savvy. He is following the dancers' own leadership in this regard, I think -- Bouder & Mearns particularly have a very strong social media presence. It's their generation's way to communicate, and Martins is smart to see it and pick up on it and use it to NYCB's advantage.

Further to above, Sara Mearns is doing a series on HuffPo about her life, backstage stuff, etc. Most of it is just Sara being Sara, not necessarily dance related - but this is good to get young people to go. People get interested in people. Then they want to see what the people they are interested in are doing.

There's a flip side of self-media-izing. If the media content does anything to interfere with the audience's perception of the artist on stage, it can have severe and irreparable adverse effects. I won't go into details, but there are multiple examples at ABT.

Completely agree.

And also, this "reality show"...ain't gonna be the whole truth. Please. I wasn't born yesterday.


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