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July 21, 2013


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Oh, i was just watching this too! I looove evgenia! But she reminds me of audrey hepburn :)

Audrey or Katherine? I see a little Katherine, but more of Renée Fleming.

I love in the attitude lifts how she wraps that back attitude leg around Onegin.

Audrey- but its more her expressions & the way she uses her eyes than actual physical resemblance. Plus her long elegant neck. But yes, i can see renee also.

Renee Fleming, yes I see the resemblance. Though ballerina-wise I see a bit of Gelsey Kirkland resemblance too.

Hallberg and Obraztsova look good together, so thanks to whoever the casting person was, who put these two together. I thought Zakharova acted like a child, walking out on Hallberg like that, it speaks volumes about the sort of artist she is, that is one who doesn't put art at the top of the list but rather herself.

True about Zakharova. You may recall that when the refurbished Bolshoi Theatre was re-opened with that big gala of Sleeping Beauty, she dissed all of the Bolshoi principal men by choosing David Hallberg as her partner. What goes around comes around. Anyway, her quitting Onegin turned out great for Hallberg.

I, too, noticed a bit of resemblance to Gelsey in Obraztsova, but I thought maybe I was over-imagining. Glad to hear you saw it, too.

There is also another Onegin video with Hallberg in rehearsal at the Bolshoi, posted on Ms Obraztsova's channel. .


On Twitter and Facebook, Hallberg thanked everyone at the Bolshoi and said he would be back. I don't know how Filin's absence would affect his status there. I wish he would continue as part time principal there, if only to avoid dancing in ABT's Disneyland on crack version of Sleeping Beauty.

Thanks, Genna, for the link. I see that Hallberg is going to dance in the Bolshoi's Sleeping Beauty in London very soon.

They were fantastic together! Thanks so much for sharing the link, Haglund.

Also, is it just me or is this tempo much more manageable than when ABT did it? It seemed slower and the choreography made more sense...

Hi Ellie. Not sure about the differences in tempo, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a little heavier.

Did you see the clips of Genia opposite Volchkov? That was insanely dramatic, so, so powerful.

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