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July 28, 2013


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If only you were in charge of casting, Haglund! I totally agree about the proposed new lineup, although it would make a huge dent in my budget because I would want to see every one of those performances. I see a Veronika Myrtha for Stella's Giselle, but who do you think would be the best Myrtha for Veronika's Giselle?

There are plenty of Myrthas-in-waiting: Leann Underwood, Kristi Boone, April Giangeruso. There would be something nice about the "forever flagship Myrthas," who have been fighting for the chance to dance Giselle for so long, supporting each others' debuts in the role. Maybe Giselle/Myrtha pairings of Veronika/Gillian, Gillian/Stella, and Stella/Veronika would be nice.

New York really needs to see that Kajiya Giselle. She was stunning.

Totally agree.

Yes, I totally see Gillian as Myrtha for Veronika's Giselle. And Stella's Myrtha for Gillian's Giselle, but only if we're getting a Stella Giselle in the same season.

Exactly. Stella is the A-1 priority for minting new Giselles as far as I'm concerned.

My ideal cast would be Vishneva, Seo, Part, Abrera and Kajiya. Semionova and Osipova will most likely be cast though, so I doubt the soloists will get a look in.
I do think Cojocaru is my favorite Giselle but there is so much talent at ABT that they should use their own dancers instead of guests.

Hi Maria. I think Vishneva has already indicated on her FB page that she will dance Giselle at the Met. She rarely, if ever, disappoints.

Thanks for that Haglund; I look forward to it. I think she dances best with Gomez- I'm not very taken with any of the Albrecht's at the MT.

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