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August 15, 2013


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Very nice performance. The camera work was great - no jumping
around or crazy angles. Maria is such a lovely dancer, I really miss
her but she's getting the roles she deserves.
Thanks for the link - it was flawless.

All true, Naomi. Maria's Odette was even more stunning than I thought it would be. Absolutely gorgeous arms and leg lines. Everything was so natural and unforced. I miss her very much, too, and plan to watch the repeat broadcast on TNU tonight. Last night, the beginning of the TV transmission wasn't very smooth for me but then it got much better.

Too bad about Odile's fouettes in Act III, but I had the feeling when Maria took her 4th position to start that she had already "psyched" herself out of doing them. Everything else she did was superb AND TASTEFUL. A beautiful artist.

I just finished watching. All in all, this was a very nice performance, although I wasn't crazy about Act III (even forgetting about the unfortunate fouettes). I wish ABT would do something like this. Thanks for the link, Haglund.

Hi B. I agree that Act III was not on par with Acts I, II, and IV. But I thought it was interesting, and made sense, for Odile to be dancing among the other princesses during the seduction process. I thought Maria was simply marvelous. I could feel her Odette's heart beating.

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