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August 19, 2013


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Hi Haglund,
I'll actually be seeing Danny's troupe on Santa Fe this Friday night. It turns out that they will be in Santa Fe the same time that they we will be there. We go every year for the past 20 years. It's a schlep from NYC but worth it. How fun to see some of the best dancers from "my" company in Santa Fe! Will report back (just went to the Pillow to see Wendy Whelan, a friend, this weekend. She was wonderful and it was a terrific program).
Deb Broide

Lucky you! I think the Giselle PdD is on Saturday night while The Leaves Are Fading PdD is on Friday night. It sounds like there could be an NYCB/ABT composite cast for Fancy Free. I would just die to see that.

Good to hear about Wendy. Look forward to seeing the program in NYC.

Yes, you are right! Giselle is on Sat. night. I am trying to find out who is dancing it. I may go to that, too.

And yes! It is a NYCB/ABT cast for Fancy Free! (as you know, I am the PR consultant for the Jerome Robbins foundation). Can't wait for this!

Hi Haglund, The A.S. Nutcrackermobile immediately purchased tickets for opening night (Part/Gomes) and for the 18th (Kajiya/Matthews), but it doesn't think it will be able to spring for any others this year. The A.S. member of the Veronka/Stella cheering squad, however, is definitely willing to pray on her knees each night for a Veronika/Marcelo Swan Lake and a Stella/Sascha Giselle in the spring. Wouldn't that be absolutely the cat's pajamas? Not to mention a dream come true?

Good choices, Angelica. I'll be there, too.

Pray, pray, pray.

Hi, Haglund I really enjoy your blog. I went to Swan last summer and didn't know Joe Gorak who was brilliant in the pas de trois and I kept thinking. Why isn't this dude the prince? He's divine. Then I found out that he was only in the corps? huh??? Simkin is wonderful as Aly, but his partnering sucks and he just is NOT a prince. not yet, any way.

Hi, Laurel. You echo the thoughts of many with regard to both artists. Gorak may be kicking himself for not staying at the School of American Ballet. His talent would certainly have been put to better use by NYCB.

I've just started going to see ballet performances this past summer. While I've been a dancer most of my life, I wasn't able to get out much. (finally managed to get rid of my very young adult kids and ditched the wasband.) LOL. Anyway, I saw Swan, (which I loved) Sylvia (loved the corps/soloists more than the principals) And Corsaire. Okay. Wut up with Vasiliev? First of all, I couldn't take my eyes off those hugely Trunkated legs which I'm sure could very well kick start a jumbo jet. So, I'm thinking... well... he must be VERY talented. errrrmmm... uhhh... no. Oh, sure... he does lots of pirouettes (but soooo sloppy) His dancing is painful to watch. I could see him getting work in a small regional company, say in North Dakota. (no offense to N. Dakotans) But this is ABT, for God's sake. Am I missing something here? I don thin so... the dude jumps up really, really high--- soooo? His form is incorrect and he lands with a thud and it appears that he's ripping his body apart; like I said... really painful to watch. I say... give him about 5 more years--tops, before he burns himself out. Just had to get that out. thank you. His wife certainly has enormous energy and charisma. But her feet suck. Sorry, but they do. They point nicely and then just before you get to the end, the toes curl backwards. WTF? its ugly. I think she's wearing Gaynor Minden's and they look horrendous on her. I guess 99% of the audience doesn't notice stuff like that... but as you say... there are some amazing home-grown dancers in the company and I would rather see them. Am I farting in a thunderstorm?

I must see Stella Abrera, I also have a friend who adores her and is miserable that she keeps getting passed over for a promotion. At least, the powers that be give these talented dancers opportunities to perform lead parts. Back in my day, I don't recall that ever happening.

I am dying to see Olga Smirnova and Semyon Chudin. I think possibly two of the most elegant dancers evah! (on youtube. haha) If they wanna import some Russians... bring those two on!!! I so hope they come back!

Hi Laurel. Your comments about Vasiliev and Osipova - all true. They have a large appeal to the ignorant and of course, to the bus loads of unsupervised tweenarinas who feel the intense need to scream their lungs out like they're at a Bieber concert.

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