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September 16, 2013


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But I want Marcelo to dance it...

Going off-tangent, is there a ballet based on Twelfth Night? I just watched 'The Bright Stream' on youtube, and all that cross-dressing made me wish for a Viola and Olivia pas de deux.

Kit, I want to see Marcelo dance it, too, but ABT's director doesn't have the balls or artistic ability to present MacMillan's masterpiece on the New York stage. So, unless some other company invites Marcelo to dance the role of Crown Prince Rudolf, we are not likely to ever see him in it.

Twelfth Night -- yes, Boris Eifman choreographed it. Here's a link to an entire film of it from 1986. Very, very creative. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GABbgR4KFFA

Joffrey director Ashley Wheater is doing a terrific job for his dancers and the Joffrey ballet and he has exemplary taste.

Royal Ballet, *please* ask dear Marcelo to dance Rudolf...

Haglund, thanks for the link!

Laff of the day:

"All Martins is no crime."


Hi, J.

I just observed that the Joffrey is about to premiere Stanton Welch's La Bayadere. The new half million dollar grant for full length story ballets is going to have a huge impact on the company and quite possibly a huge impact on ballet in this country. For the longest time, Chicago had trouble supporting even a bare bones ballet company. Now look. People could soon be truthfully saying that the Joffrey is America's National Ballet Company.


I think I told you, I love story ballets, whether full length or one act. I think all choreographers should be encouraged to start out telling stories, if only for the discipline. The obsession with abstract ballets has become tiresome and encourages artistic narcissism. I hope you are right.

PS another asset that Joffrey has is its repertoire of Massine and Nijinska ballets. Bring 'em on. I love Balanchine but enough is enough.

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