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October 19, 2013


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Why would someone want a pawless cover of anything?

Is there any info about locations of the tour? I'm guessing LA is too much for which to hope.

Love the paw! Not at all an intrusion.

K, I couldn't find any info on the international tour. However, one of the production coordinators indicated on her LinkedIn page that there would be U.S. tours in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

The actor who starred with Ferri in Spoleto, Boyd Gaines, is going to be in Susan Stroman's Little Dancer which opens at the Kennedy Center in October 2014 (and stars NYCB's Tiler Peck). So I would guess that he is tied up from August onward.

Allow me to speculate: The Piano Upstairs is just the type of thing that the Lincoln Center Festival loves to program during the summer. During the 2012 festival, Baryshnikov starred in In Paris and it was a smash hit. I attended the opening night performance and observed Ferri in the audience.

Further speculating: given how the Segerstrom likes to program things like Vishneva's little show, a show like Ferri's would fit right in, wouldn't it?

I will see her with Cornejo in Chéri four times over the course of the five week run. (Tickets are only $25.) I'm so happy that she is back - in whatever capacity she chooses.

$25 is a bargain for artists of the caliber of Ferri and Cornejo. Glad we'll get to hear about it.

Segerstrom would certainly put on Ferri's show if she signed a contract with the devil...I mean, Ardani.

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