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November 30, 2013


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Haglund, this is positively ESP! Just yesterday, at Avery Fisher Hall, I was looking around from the rear of the second tier, thinking about all that went into the final achievement of a performance (the years of lessons of the performers, the building of an appropriate performance space, the hiring of an ensemble, not to mention the hours of rehearsal and attracting an audience), and suddenly thought about the theater in Vladivostok and all it took to make that happen as well as whether Phillips had had the opportunity to perform yet. How wonderful to come home to the photo of Phillips and read Liepa's praise! Thankfully, this is happening far from the intrigues in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Thank you for keeping us updated on all these important developments!

You're very welcome. Yes, it is great to hear Liepa praise Phillips, and it's especially great because it came from a legend who was 10x greater than McKenzie could have ever hoped to be. Now that Liepa has his eye on Phillips, who knows what could happen!

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