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November 21, 2013


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It's only $9.99 on Amazon Instant Video, or $12.99 for HD!

Thanks, Nanushka!

It appears that they made some judicious cuts from the original screening. No Le Corsaire.

Glad you're excited!

As far as the edit: unfortunately, La Bayadere had to be cut because of music licensing issues. However, that's the only cut.

Thanks TenduTV for the correction and clarification of the cut: La Bayadere not Le Corsaire.

Of course sales are going to be Great; so, hopefully you and YAGP are thinking about another cinema production.

In a world in which BGH 2 did exist, what would you want to see?

Well, TTV, the White Swan PdD with Part and Gomes is a very tall peak to best, but I think viewers might appreciate seeing a wide range of Petipa/Ivanov danced by the current greatest interpreters.

Some of Aurora's variations would be nice as well as Raymonda's, Paquita's, definitely Esmeralda's (with Ana Sophia Scheller), Nikiya's, Odette's 4th act PdD – so long as all are danced by true Petipa ballerinas.

I would normally include the Black Swan PdD, but I can't seem to think of any current day interpreters who can get it right from all aspects. Ananiashvili was possibly the last great & complete one.

The Le Corsaire Bedroom PdD would be nice and possibly the PdT.

For classical, those would be a nice offering. But then, it would all depend on who was dancing.

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