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March 04, 2014


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LOL, when I read your headline, Haglund, my first thought was that OUR Stella was going to dance the role of Blanche in Streetcar. Well, one can always hope....

She could pull it off with a good blond wig.

I am very excited that the Royal Ballet is coming . . . but find myself a little disappointed that they're doing Don Quixote, when ABT will just have done Don Q this season. I would have hoped for something more unique to RB's repertoire. Like, say, Mayerling?

Totally agree with you Kate. Don Q is such an odd choice, particularly now that we've heard that it's not an A-1 production. It may be that the deal to bring it to the Kennedy Center was inked long before, maybe years before Carlos Acosta had finished the production - maybe even before he started it. There may have been an assumption that it would be a blockbuster just because Acosta was doing it and therefore the RB made the decision long in advance to tour it. Too bad.

I also wish the Royal Ballet were bringing something besides Don Q, but, honestly, all I care about is finally getting to see Marianela Nunez on stage!!!

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