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April 19, 2014


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I went to ABT's twitter feed and clicked on the link for the announcements. Vyette will dance Theme and Variations with Gillian Murphy. Lendorf will dance with Gillian in Don Q.

I'm sure your dancers are very talented, but you also will be so lucky to watch Denis Nedak's perfomence!!! He's so brilliant dancer!

Thanks, Sandra. I'm sure that Denys Nedak is a wonderful dancer, and I would love to see him perform with the Ukranian National Ballet or in a Festival. There are literally thousands of brilliant dancers around the world, including 80 or so at ABT. The problem is that ABT has become background scenery for dancers from other companies to perform in front of. The management continues to convey the impression that anyone who comes from somewhere else has greater artistic value than ABT's own dancers.


Denys Nedak ????? Vadimir Shklyarov - a mediocre dancer - Leonid Sarafanov would be a much better choice . How about Evan McKie and Friedemann Vogel from the Stuttgart Ballet -these two can dance rings around Stearns - even though I have enjoyed his dancing in some roles . Why not rename American Ballet Theater : Perhaps it could be called "International Guest Star Ballet Entertainment "...with the current crop of mainly Slavic circus freaks....and just present short excerpts of the classics souped up with the newest tricks - so that the audience can scream for an hour and then stand in line for the toilets for 45 minutes...most will be gone in the next few years anyway . Yes, it is sad the way American talent is negated at ABT....I suppose the powers behind McKenzie get what they want . The art of ballet does not concern them at all.

Hi Friedrich.

I don't think that Shklyarov is a mediocre dancer; he's just not world-class or any better than what ABT could put on the stage out of its own ranks. His pirouettes are not principal quality, and he's not an especially compelling actor. In fact, he's quite boring and ordinary.

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