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May 31, 2014


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Once upon a time, ABT posted a rather nice video series on productions in the Met schedule, produced by Marcelo Gomes and others. They were difficult to find, but showed up in Google searches. I haven't been able to locate anything for this year's season. I suppose we might wonder why they don't seem to be doing this any more. Here's an old one on Onegin.

I just found another one (Onegin in 2013), thanks to Google:

J2, thanks much for the links. I recall promo videos for On the Dnieper, The Bright Stream, Raymonda, but none of them included clips of dancing that would bring you back time and time again.

Each of the 40+ principals and soloists at NYCB have one or more clips of actual dancing (in performance and sometimes rehearsal)on their bio pages, and the clips cover a wide range of the repertory. The NYCB multimedia section has fantastic video selections, too - some even make me want to go back and revisit ballets that I know I don't like.

As I think I mentioned previously, NYCB's social media got a strong push from corps dancer Kristin Sloan when she developed some short video pieces on her own and then the company engaged her for more work. NYCB is much more aware of the multi-talents within its institution than ABT is.

I wonder if they are going to be allowing all comments on new channel. It's funny they are on twitter but do not have great presence on youtube. Over the La Bayadere run, its twitter feed were actively tweeting and retweeting about both Tereshkina and Smirnova, but nothing about Cojocaru and others. I hope this new channel will not turn into one that posts mostly videos on guest artists. I would like to see them do vignettes on corps dancers and young soloists like what NYCB's channel is doing. Maybe also longer videos on ballets in current repertory.

I agree except for the "young" soloists. ABT's bleeding of mature soloist artists has been like having its artery severed. NYCB fully celebrates all of its artists – young and mature – in a very respectful way.

I have an idea that might actually work, although I know that as long as McKenzie is there, it won't happen.

The idea of the day is multiculturalism so....be America's multicultural ballet company. I'm not saying have a quota, but "goals and targets" (I believe that is the word used in corporate America).

Aim for a truly diverse company, from the corps to the principals.

I admit that when I came up with this idea, I was being satirical, but now that I think of it, why not? NYCB is as you say our national company with a distinct style and ethos. They have that corner of the market covered. What's left for ABT?

Hi Diana.

What's left for ABT? They need to get serious about classicism and they need to become America's answer to the Mariinsky and POB -- that's what they need to do. The talent is available for them to accomplish this. What they do not have is a director and coaching staff capable of doing it. America should have a great and respected classical ballet company of many ethnicities, and it should be ABT. Screw the emphasis on political correctness over classical aesthetic. There are classical ballet bodies of every color and ethnicity on every street in America. The purported notion that objections to tit-wagging and bulky muscles in classical ballet is in some way related to racism is garbage. ABT has to do better, but it won't until there is a change in director.

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