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May 13, 2014


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Just found out thru Instagram that Nicola Curry is leaving after this Met Season. There aren't going to be many home grown dancers left, I fear!

Yes, Nicola is quitting ABT, marrying an Aussie, moving to Australia, and will dance in the corps of the Australian Ballet. It's surprising that ABT hasn't contrived to create some false impression that she's part of an exchange deal for Kevin Jackson. But there's still time.

Did you see the damage control article in the NYT? "We love the corps; aren't these five just wonderful??"

Yep, saw it.

Can someone explain the purpose of that NYT article to me? Is their a noticeable backlash happening against ABT's leadership that made McKenzie feel the need to do a disingenuous spotlight on its corps?

Hi, Tiffany. Oh yeah, there's a backlash happening, but I don't know that it prompted the article. More likely, the NYT wanted to do the article but ABT chose which dancers to feature or "make available" to the writer and photographer. I really don't know.

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