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May 30, 2014


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Looks like Herman Cornejo got a new headshot. I didn't like the old one, but not totally loving this one either.

Hee Seo looks like she might have gotten an update too

I like Herman's new headshot. The unruly mop of curls is a nice change.

I would prefer to see Seo's Cinderella, but that would mean sitting through Whiteside. So I guess it's Reyes and Gorak for me. Cinderella would be a perfect foray into lead roles for Lane, but instead Kent gets to try it out at this point in her career? It isn't even like she has been dancing the role for years and wants to hold on to it past her prime, which I think older, distinguished ballerinas earn the right to do especially if it's a signature role. But in Kent's case it is so preposterous, she should maybe dance Fairy Godmother instead. Let me guess, Abrera will probably be cast as one of the Seasons? Shame.

I am glad to see Alexandrova back and dancing Kitri, hopefully that means she is at full strength. She is one of those dancers who are comfortable showing us who they are onstage, what you see is what you get. She's not suitable for every role, frankly there are few misses like Aurora, but she has a commanding presence that's hard to dismiss even in less successful roles.

I am most anxious to see "Cinderella," but have no idea which cast or casts to see. Balanchine/NYCB are my standard/what I know. Recommendations, please!

Hi KCB. I think you would be happiest at the Gillian Murphy/David Hallberg performance. Most likely, neither Hee Seo nor Julie Kent will do all of the steps, but most people in the audience won't notice over their smiles. Xiomara will definitely kill the steps but she's dancing with a very inexperienced (but extremely talented) Joe Gorak who really should be at NYCB instead of ABT.

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