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June 29, 2014


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Haglund, I'm curious: where/when did McKenzie make his comment about the "child-woman" quality?

Hi, Nanushka.

He said it back in 2012 when he was giving a flurry of interviews and making a video in connection with his 20th anniversary. He not only said that he looks for women dancers with a "child-woman quality" but referenced his management of ABT dancers as being like raising children in a family. Heard it with my own ears.

Nanushka - one of McKenzie's child-woman comments was also made in reference to Hee Seo in Dance Magazine May 2013.

Dear Haglund,

You have a big fan in Europe. I live in Holland and am a dedicated follower of your blog. Needless to say I am also a huge ballet lover.
Ethan Stiefel has always been one of my favourites (I even came over to NY for his farewell performance 2 years ago) so I would love to receive the link you mention. That would really make my day!

Kind regards,


Hi, Martine.

Thanks much for stopping by H.H.

I just sent the link to your email address.

As you know, we here on the blog are fans of Ethan, too. We are hoping that he is the next AD at ABT, and that the change will occur much sooner than later.

Thanks, Haglund. Very interesting to see it in context. For one thing, it doesn't even seem to make sense: "a very unique feminine strength about her -- it's that woman/child quality." That's what McKenzie thinks of feminine strength? Bizarre.

Hi Haglund! If you could please send me the link too, I would be forever grateful! Thank you so so so much! I became obsessed with this series thanks to this blog and have been going through withdrawal....:)

Also, as you may already know, ABT promotions have been announced.

I just emailed the link to you, Lizby.

Hi Haglund,

I would love to be sent the link to the new series-- have been eagerly anticipating it and following RNZB on Facebook. Wish I could have seen them at the Joyce this past Winter.


Just emailed it to you, Judy.

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