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June 09, 2014


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Re the last point: I am hyperventilating.

Wow! about Part and Krauchenka in Giselle!

So sad about Angel's quitting. I have always felt that he left ABT too soon to pursue his Spanish dream. What a pity that things did not go well for him there, and what a pity for us here!...

Irina, I totally agree with you, but it's no secret that he was pushed out by McKenzie. Angel's performances were cut and cut in favor of bringing in worthless guest artists until he was down to a schedule on which no dancer could survive financially or maintain top physical/dancing condition. The same was done with Dvorovenko. It was incredibly sad and frustrating for the faithful core audience to watch happen.

Wow!!!! What a treat for the Baltimore audiences to witness! Yes it is sad that a lovely principal dancer such as Veronika must go elsewhere to dance the title role in "Giselle". I've seen her as Myrta and of course she was perfection, but she will surely be a gorgeous and vivacious Giselle. Her Act II will be spectacular.

The POB Le Palais de Cristal is breathtaking. The costumes are gorgeous and of course those beautiful POB dancers are always a joy to watch. I'm looking forward to hearing your reviews of Cinderella!

Thank you Haglund' for clarifying Angel's situation for me. I have always naively thought that Angel left on his own terms; if what you describe is true, then it is a crime against ABT. Angel wrote the brightest pages in the history of this company, and AD's treatment of one if his most brilliant dancers is unforgivable.

I agree, Irina, but Angel has enormous and broad talents in all the directions that ballet now needs. Wherever he lands will bring new hope to all of us who love the art form.

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