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July 28, 2014


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I wish America had a classical ballet company just as good as the Bolshoi. I hope the Bolshoi doesn't take another 7+ years to come back on tour.

Tiffany, I hope they come back soon, too. But I'm not interested in seeing them load-in as guest artists at ABT.

LOVE the protective shin guard!

It never hurts to have a little extra protective gear when you're a gladiator.


I was at the same performance as you, and what will last in my mind forever are the beautiful feet of the two leading women: such pointed toes, such exquisite arches, such perfect placement on the stage. They made ABT's female dancers look so loose and lazy by comparison. It was a great night and I agree with you about the men.


Hi, Ellen.

It seemed that most people in the audience were thrilled with what they saw on stage. I know I was.

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