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September 30, 2014


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Thank you, Haglund! I knew we could count on you for all the information we need to watch this amazing event, as well as the link to access it!

I think I read that we'll be able to watch it after the fact as well, rather than having to stay awake for 20 hours at a stretch. Do you know how long it will be available?

You're welcome, Angelica. I haven't read whether it will be available for viewing after the initial transmission. I hope so, because unfortunately, I can't stay up all night to watch it.

According to the royal ballets website it will be available to watch later on YouTube. Yay :) !

Thank you, Haglund, for advocating the financial contribution to this historic event. I am so happy and proud that the kickstarter campaign has met its target. As far as the 20 hours of footage goes it will be available in its entirety for only 24 hours. After that an edited version containing major highlights will remain. However, I believe that each participating company might post its own segment uncut.

Excellent news. Thanks Robin and Dreamer.

Well, I can see that I'm not going to get any work done today . . .

Watching Carlos Acosta loosen up Vadim Muntagirov in Don Q rehearsal makes the whole thing look promising. Royal Ballet brings that production to the U.S. next year.

So 3 ABT ballerinas are all retiring next season. *Finally*, Kent is hanging her pointe shoes.

I have little hope, however, that we will see the promotions we'd like to see. I'd be genuinely shocked if McKenzie will promote people without resorting to hiring outside principals, or succumbing to the hype/pressure of certain disingenuous parties.

Seriously, with the way he's carrying on, you'd think Stella and Sarah killed his puppies or something...

Yep, you're right, Meg. I have no optimism that this will play out fairly nor do I have any enthusiasm about the spring season.

I'm still watching and catching up on things that I missed because I did need some sleep and had to work a little on Wednesday!! I loved watching Acosta rehearse Muntagirov too - I imagine every young girl dancing will now dream of him as her future prince. I was lucky to see him dance this spring in Prague with Daria Klimentova. i really enjoyed the National Ballet of Canada's company class. Seeing and listening to Anthony Dowell again was a joy. So much richness here - sad it's all only up through tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing that unusual Australian Ballet Swan Lake production next week in Berkeley too!

Hi Sharon. I try to watch every snippet of video in which Anthony Dowell is coaching. It enriches every MacMillan and Ashton ballet that I see.

Acosta has such positive energy. I so look forward to the next chapter of his career and hope that he doesn't stray off the Royal Ballet's premises.

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