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October 25, 2014


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H.H. is so proud to be the official source of news for BalletFart but we doubt that Helene will be happy when she finds out:


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BAM website will be updated on Oct 28 for the Mariinsky tour. Tickets will go on sale to BAM patrons during the second week of November and to the general public on December 8th."

Credit should be given where credit is due.

LOL, Angelica, LOL again.

Exciting, yes, but where or where to sit in that awful house? I spent a fortune on tickets to see Les Arts Florissants at BAM a season or so ago. Pre-surgery present to myself: dead center 2nd row front mezzanine. Worst seats I've ever purchased in my life, especially at that price. I am tall, but not freakishly so ... I could not even put my feet on the ground. My knees where "snagged" by the seats in front of me (Row A). We had to move to the back of the mezzanine, where fortunately the sound was still glorious, but that's not the point. What really irked me is that I purchased the tickets in person at the BAM box office. Why didn't the box office person say anything to me about the legroom situation (i.e., that there was none)? I mean, there I was in the lobby, towering over him in person through the box office window. I wrote to BAM, but of never heard back from anyone. I understand the cold, hard truth that prestigious arts organizations like BAM and the (truly awful) Park Avenue Armory do not care about the, ahem, little people. They really only care about the major, heavy-hitting funders, donors, and underwriters. But, really, they all deserve to have every last cent of their public funding, direct or indirect, yanked.

Hi, Kenneth.

I've run into that uncomfortable squeeze in the front rows of the tiers at BAM, too. Theaters could endear themselves to patrons by not only disclosing partial view seats but also identifying reduced legroom rows and extra legroom rows. Anything that is going to prevent the ticketbuyer from enjoying the show should be disclosed. Stingy leg room with cable bunches running under the feet is not only uncomfortable, it can be dangerous if someone trips over the cables. Also, the seats are too low IMO.

The lack of leg room at the Gilman Opera House has been complained about online and mentioned in the NYT. The building is landmarked and needs some serious TLC in the seating areas, which won't be inexpensive. Other than that, it is a gorgeous building that deserves bragging rights as one of the most beautiful opera houses around the country. I love going there - until I have to sit down in my seat.

The seating at BAM is truly horrendous. The seats in the mezzanine are not staggered either; each seat is directly behind the one in front of it. If someone even 1/4 of an inch taller than I am sits in front of me, I can't see anything. I think long and hard about how badly I want to see something before I buy tickets to anything at BAM.

Hi, Ellen.

Oh, dear. I wonder what the prices will look like or if BAM will even post them today with the other info. Perhaps they'll wait until the second week of November when the tickets actually go on sale to patrons.

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