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November 29, 2014


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Haglund my dear lad, you've lost me with your nonsensical fantasies of machine gun toting raccoon gerrymandering, but I am happy you mentioned Avery Lin. You may well recall she was the bunny two shy seasons ago. She is quite the star these days, commanding standing ovations with her unprecedented performance as Marie. In over two decades of watching the City ballet I have never seen a more expressive, delightful plum of a dancer. Even sitting on her throne in Act2, folks she eats and nods her head and claps at the performers, having a dream of a time. What a breath of fresh air!

Hi Helene.

Thanks for letting us know that Avery Lin was a former Bunny. It's so much fun to watch these kids grow into new costumes as the years pass. I noticed that there was another little Lin listed in the Playbill as an Angel. Is she a sister? Also, there was another Landegger listed among the mice - perhaps a sibling of last year's Nutcracker Prince?

Sorry if I lost you on the Marvel Comics Guardian of the Galaxy reference. Not everyone is a fan of Rocket Raccoon and his cohorts Groot and Drax, but I think they're hysterical.

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