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January 28, 2015


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Personally I wouldn't want to see the Marinsky dance La Sylphide, because they do not have the ballerinas to do it justice both in lead role of Sylph and the solos for the trio of sylphs. The current style for the arms among their soloist ladies is almost linear neoclassical, complete with hands that remind more of wristy 1970s NYCB hands than the Romantic softness required for La Sylphide. Not to mention at the Mariinsky the level of footwork has suffered in recent years, we see muddier, sloppier footwork than in the past. Their La Sylphide is more Petipa than Romantic Bournonville, that's another way of describing it I guess.

I would love ABT to stage La Sylphide again if only for Cornejo's James. Just don't bring back Osipova to dance it with him as she did in 2009. Cornejo shouldn't have to dance James only at galas as he did few years ago in Russia with Obraztsova, this role suits him so well and stands him apart from his male colleagues at ABT.

Hi, Genna.

Coming up in February, Anastasia Kolegova and Elena Yevseyeva are slotted for Sylph duty. Each has danced it before. I'm not familiar with Elena but I don't see why Kolegova wouldn't be able to do a fine job (maybe not like a Dane, but who else does - not Osipova, certainly). I would be interested in seeing Novikova as the Sylph.

That was quite a concert that was livestreamed via medici.tv from Carnegie Hall last night. Gergiev concluded with an encore performance of the grand pdd from The Nutcracker. The concert can be viewed for the next month at medici.tv for free.

Novikova did not start dancing Sylph again until this year, previously she danced it rarely but she did dance it very early in her career. She was not great in the role because styling all wrong in the way the La Sylphide demands, that's why she rarely danced it when Mariinsky had other options. I know her youtube claque goes on and on about her Giselle as best ever in history, she is good in Giselle but as Sylph that's another story. Kolegova has the requisite fluidity but lacks aerial lightness and even at this point in her career has not gotten rid of her bad habit from school, her tendency for bland interpretations and downward gaze in everything she dances. Too bad because aside from her occasional bad taste 180 extensions she is Mariinsky's all around best technician among ballerinas there, a lovely dancer. Their best Sylphide right now hasn't danced it recently either, Yana Selina danced Sylph regularly until before her maternity leave, but odd that she has 't danced it since coming back a while ago.

Hi Genna. Yana Selina is getting a big workout during the Mariinsky's tour this time. Maybe that is a good sign.

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