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March 04, 2015


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Thank you, thank you, thank you!, I was there last night. I could not help but wonder what I was seeing. Was it the choreography that Made Veronica Part look as though she kept falling off point or was she indeed falling off point. I do feel as though the costumes need to be emphasized. Huge, over done layer upon layer of fabric. I was not sure how the dancers moved in them, even as well as they did. And perhaps it was just my imagination but was something wrong with the toe shoes? They seemed overlong to me and seemed to turn up on the end. I am grateful that you explained to me it was supposed to be funny. I did feel as though it was a waste of a good Marcelo to have him dance Prince Desir. It could have been a good opportunity for some deserving Corp dancer. I think I was a little disappointed. Not being a huge fan of SB, but loving ABT.

Hi Judith.

I imagine that this Sleeping Beauty will eventually be just as controversial as the 1999 Vikharev reconstruction - though for different reasons.

Wow, Haglund, you've outdone yourself with this fabulous detailed report. What upsets me most is to read that, yet again, Ratmansky has opted for an irreverent and mocking tone. So will Gillian also fall off point in her A1 solo diagonal of pirouettes? Or was Vishneva assigned the 'silly version' of Aurora because she has always been weak in pirouettes? And poor Veronika Part has never been a queen of technique so no surprise there but I'm sure that she looks gorgeous walking around in her plumes.

Hi Jeannette.

Those battement fouettes that Veronika had trouble with are hard because they seem to rotate an extra quarter turn. I'll watch more closely tonight when Stella does them, but they seem to be close to what Marinella Nunez does in this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zytPve7iEG4

By the way, the LA Times on Vishneva's Aurora:
"Her idiosyncratic portrayal — though full of meaning and warmth — did give pause. Wide-eyed and slightly open-mouthed, she played the little princess as naive child, acting 12 rather than 16. Her delicacy bordered on limpness and her efforts to evoke period truthfulness made her look wispy as she sloshed through transitions."


I'm on my out the door to see what Gillian, Stella, and HAMMOUDI!! do tonight.

"Acting 12..." Oh brother. Looking forward to hearing how Gillian fares tonight.

And just like that - the virtuosity returns and the funny business is gone. We just needed a change in cast to an Aurora who could do the steps.

Excellent show tonight.

BTW, I want to correct where those Giselle-like lifts occurred last night. They're in the Act II Vision scene not Act III.

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