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April 14, 2015


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I am so happy to see Jennie's name on the cast list! I was hoping she'd show up in the Symphony in Three Movements pas de deux but whatever she's in, I'm just happy she's dancing.

Me, too, Missy. It seems like it's been close to two years. Maybe that's just my personal pain, but it has been way, way over a year.

So happy those 2 girls are back!!!!

& Adrian as Apollo should be VERY interesting....hope Russell Janzen gets a shot one day at it too.

Hi, Pheonix. I totally agree. I hope that someday soon Amar Ramasar will get a shot at Apollo, too. He is able to convey a sense of vulnerability and sensitivity that are key to the character.

Amar would KILL IT as Apollo!

Adrian & Zach are also great choices - very promising.

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