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April 15, 2015


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Wonderful (and not surprising) to hear this report!

So true, J.

Anna advised me that she believed that respected critic Valerie Lawson would be in attendance. So, hopefully, we'll see something about the performance on dancelines.com.au a little later.

She did, and we can :) http://ow.ly/LGoxn

Joanne is right about Brett Chynoweth and Valerie Tereshchenko but I have to add that Miwako Kubota (whom I adore) has been dancing the damn peasant pdd since 2006. Not cast as Myrtha or Giselle yet.

As for Giselle, Miss Abrera was born to dance act II. She reminded me so much of a younger Alessandra Ferri. Big dark eyes, a softness to her Romantic bun, and an otherworldliness that was not aloof or detached, just...fey might be the word.

I swear I did not hear her blocks hit the stage all night, and she was as light as thistle down and as precise with her feet as anyone I've ever seen, but it looked absolutely effortless. Sure, she was glistening with sweat but apart from that her dancing was an extension of her breathing - completely natural.

Thank you so much for the link, Anna, and the extra comments. I can certainly envision Stella as a reminder of Alessandra Ferri in this role.

Our readers should know that you also saw Sascha Radetsky's performance of Albrecht with the Dutch National Ballet a few years ago - another performance that we in America were denied by ABT.

Thank you again for all of your contributions. Perhaps Australian Ballet will invite Stella to perform in one of their nearly 50 performances of Sleeping Beauty this year. She danced Aurora 10 times with the Royal New Zealand Ballet a couple of years ago after receiving the benefit of coaching from AB's Fiona Tonkin. Alas, Aurora is another role that her home audience has not gotten to see her dance. ABT would rather put guest artists, imports, and clumsy horsey half-baked ballerinas in Sleeping Beauty than its own beautiful rose.

Ah, thanks Anna, I didn't know that about Miwako Kubota! I've been lucky enough to see Brett and Valerie a few times over the last couple of years and it's been nice to watch their development as artists. Valerie Tereshchhenko was such a great Myrtha I couldn't believe it when I saw she was still in the corps! I also have to thank you Haglund for the tip to see Stella Abrera dance, I probably wouldn't have gone out of my way to see this lovely performance without reading your blog.

Thanks, Joanne. And thanks for forwarding the picture of the program that confirms that Stella is the reciprocal in the Australian Ballet/ABT exchange which brought Kevin Jackson to New York last summer.

Thanks also for relaying in your email to me that the corps dancer of special note, Valerie Tereshchenko, who was Myrtha in Stella's performance has apparently been promoted to coryphee per the website roster. Great news!

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