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May 17, 2015


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Haglund, since ABT thinks Sarah is not capable to do the fishdives in Sleeping Beauty, Sarah has recently accepted the role as Natalie's gavel swinging body double in the upcoming GInsburg film.

LOL or the double for the actual gavel that Natalie pounds.

As Vishneva has withdrawn from tonight's gala due to "Injury," maybe NY will be spared her watered-down Aurora after all? Sorry to read that Sarah gets the booby prize of easier choreography.

Jeannette, maybe by the time Vishneva gets to her Aurora, if she does, she will have re-thought a few things and will not try to turn the iconic diagonal of pirouettes into a joke. I won't be spending any money to see it again, though, until I hear from other people that the real Aurora has returned. And most likely, I'll skip her Giselle because of the alterations that she made in it the last time - most notably her marring of the iconic pose at the end of the PdD in Act II in order to present a neck-nuzzling public display of affection to her partner. Personal PDA in classical PdD is enough to keep my money in my wallet.

Re: the fish dive. I've been following the FB comments on this. Ratmansky says that he gave Sarah and Herman a "choice and they decided to try the original". I think it will have a very anti-climatic effect, given the rush of beauty in the music. If it didn't, he'd have everyone else doing the same thing including Osipova.

Speaking of possible injuries and cancellations, on Dansomanie's twitter feed it says Cojocaru is cancelling two Giselles with Hamburg Ballet 5/20-21 for prrsonal reasons. Cojocaru on top of being principal with ENB, is also guest principal with HB. Either Cojocaru is injured or she is doing what she is known for, that is cancelling shows at last moment sometimes to dance elsewhere more prestigious or glamorous, as it had been insinuated few months back when she ditched ENB's Swan Lake at last minutes notice in order to dance Lady of Camellias at the Bolshoi. ENB fans were not happy when Cojocaru's reasons became known. With her ABT La Bayadere on 6/4 so close to her scheduled Giselles, one has to wonder if either injury or opportunity to get back into the graces of ABT management is the case here. Maybe both, who really knows. If she is injured then Kevin has two weeks to prepare Sarah for debut in La Bayadere.

Well, Genna, that is certainly interesting. I looked at the Dansomanie Twitter and Alina's and it does sound like something unpleasant and/or unsettling is going on with her.

McKenzie will never give Sarah Lane La Bayadere or any other major role - for what ever reason. It seems that he would rather cancel the entire season than give his own gleaming dancers opportunities. Sarah should have the run of the repertoire at this point in her career. She should be dancing La Bayadere, R&J, Swan Lake and Giselle.

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