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May 25, 2015


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I hope she is invited to Russia to dance with him again. Their partnership was too special not to be witnessed by all dance fans.

Shklyarov is the Mariinsky's golden boy so I wouldn't make too much about it. Plus the Russian companies and fans love to make big fuss about their dancers guesting in US, because American fans can then see superior dancing. But in this case the positive is that Stella gets her name out there, hopefully leads to more guesting opportunities because today it's all about guesting as far as reputation and stardom are concerned. Maybe from guesting, Kevin will then promote her and let her dance more roles.

That may be true, Genna, but my point was more that ABT continues to fail to support Stella because it wants the audience to migrate to mediocre dancers. This has been going on for years. When Boylston was part of the "exchange program" in Nutcracker performances at the RDB and had a secondary role in a performance during a Mariinsky festival, ABT couldn't wait to get it on its website and into Boylston's bio. By contrast, that same exchange program sent Stella to star as Giselle at the Australian Ballet, but ABT won't even put it in her bio. Nor will they allow her two month guest stint as Aurora with the Royal New Zealand Ballet to be part of her bio. Ridiculously, they proudly publicized Copeland lamely and awkwardly chatting with a Sesame Street puppet but Abrera's starring role in Giselle with the Australian Ballet didn't make the cut.

Nobody honestly believes that Stella will get any more opportunities. If anything, ABT will try to use the current goodwill toward Shklyarov to bring him back to dance with Boylston, Seo or god forbid Copeland to try to legitimize their mediocrity.

Kudos to this blog for addressing the "political considerations" relevant to ABT promotions.
(e.g., the emperor is not wearing any clothes!)

Note: The great dancer Arthur Mitchell was a big star at NYCB in the 1950's.

H, Ok so you can just file this comment in the "I F-----g TOLD you so!!" bin Ive been thinking all along, "Really, how bad can she really be?" I finally saw La Copeland dance live for the first time last night at the Vishneva/Gomes Giselle. Peasant PDD. Wow. There really was some weird stuff going on there. 'Clunk, clunk, clunk!???' Girl, you got it backward. Youre supposed to try to land softly, not as hard as you can! A lot of 'My first point class' wobbliness in the ankles. And she has a strange zig-zaggy relevé which throws off her placement. Prob from bad habits working with those hyperextended knees. And her Swan Lake coming up in a couple of weeks???? I'm fearful for her and everyone else's safety on stage. Damn.
PS BTW Diana and Marcelo were everything, X3

Oh, Haglund,

When Misty Copeland entered tonight as Zulma, the word lumbered instantly flashed through my brain. It was the most ungainly entrance I've seen in quite some time.

Brava, Stella!

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