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June 27, 2015


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What I like about Lauren Cuthbertson is that she's such an exquisite dancer and artist, yet she doesn't have this kind of "look at me, I'm the star" aura that some have. With her, you always see the role she is dancing, and not mainly "star dancer Lauren Cuthbertson in a signature role".

I was there tonight. Oh man oh man did they blow me away... And not a peep from anyone's shoes. soft and silent. But yeah... didn't realize that the aforementioned ballerina was performing so before I realized who it was, I was taken aback by those feet! What the hell is that, I thought! And yes, there's a continuous under current of "look at me" even when sharing the stage with several others.

I'm so happy. I finally got to see my Marianela! If you were there tonight. Yes, that was me screaming like a crazed teen-ager at a rock concert down in the third row of the orch. One down and one to go!(Cinderella next week) I wish it was La Bayadere but I'll take her doing ring around the rosey if that's all they can manage.

Haglund, have you seen that we will get to see Lauren Cuthbertson as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Royal Ballet's live cinema presentation of The Nutcracker in December?


Thanks, CMM. Consider it calendared.

I liked Song but it was hard to sit for it after The Dream. RB probably should have scheduled it as the first ballet in the program and then Dream to end the night. It would have prevented audience members from leaving during intermission.

I checked Osipova in RB promo snippets on their youtube page. You are right she does almost destroy her pointe shoes. So that whatever material is left is so wrinkled she looks as if she has troll feet. I think she is just strong and likes to feel the floor but this is getting in the way of her appearance.

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