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August 03, 2015


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On the plus side Stella is gorgeous in Ashton.

She sure is. I could see her stepping into the role of Sylvia in the spring but I'm still afraid to get my hopes up.

I'd happily take Giselle again this year, but with the exception of Swan Lake, ABT seems to do two years on, one year off for all warhorses.

Will be delighted to see Sylvia come back and to experience Fille, which I've never seen. I just hope for more imaginative casting in the coming season (i.e, not Seo every other night).

Hi FoF. To me, so far, the season looks like too much of the same and too much Ratmansky. His Golden Cockerel, Sleeping Beauty and a week of his rep pieces is too much of the same tone. Also, I wonder how much of his Firebird choreography will show up on the Golden Cockerel's feet.

I will definitely miss Giselle. But, thankfully, Houston Ballet will be dancing it - a brand new production by Stanton Welch. Just the thought of being able to see Yuriko and Jared dance this ballet again is keeping my old heart going.

Oh, no! Not Sylvia again. Please, ABT, there is so much more in your rep.

LOL, SherryD. I understand what you're saying, but I adore Sylvia. Not everyone is charmed by petit allegro with garden tools like I am, I guess. Oh, and the ladies' weapons ....

Love Sylvia and would love to see Stella in the title role.

Me, too, Matthew, but I hope that she gets a leading principal role in a Petipa ballet, first and foremost.

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