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August 01, 2015


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Speaking of ABT media fail ...Stella's name wasn't in the fall casting announcement once. Does that mean she's in the Morris?

Hi Haglund,

Besides your mention that Stella's bio has not been updated now that she is a Principal, she has not been cast in anything at the Koch Theater so far. Do you think that she'll be cast for Monotones? At least she is first in the headshots because of her surname, Abrera!

Anyone know who owns the rights to Monotones? Stella's exquisite technique and presence should make her a natural to dance it.

It should be noted that Sara Mearns, Russell Janzen, STELLLLLA and Alexandre Hammoudi are also on deck in the Emery LeCrone program on Aug 13 and 14 for the Joyce Ballet Festival!


Hi Rachel, Georgiann, J, and K.

Thanks much for the comments.

I would imagine that we'll see Stella in Monotones and the new Morris piece. Stella's and Gillian's beloved coach, Georgina Parkinson, was an original cast member in Monotones I along with Antoinette Sibley. Possibly we'll see them in those roles even though in recent years the Royal Ballet has treated them as soloist level roles.

Both Stella and Gillian along with Veronika Part (also not mentioned in the press release) would be fabulous as the lead woman in Monotones II.

I would think that we might see Marcelo in Monotones. Blaine Hoven has the lines, strength and stability to dance in either Monotones I or II without hopping around to keep balance. Other than those two men, I don't know who else would be able to pull it off without noticeably fumbling for balance. (Edited to add: Yes, of course, Herman.)

I'm uncharacteristically optimistic about the Morris piece. First, it's a gorgeous piece of classical music with lots of opportunity for virtuosity. I hope that Morris is seriously working on content - his usual downfall.

Yes, thank you K for the reminder that Stella and Alex Hammoudi will join Sara Mearns and Russell Janzen in the LeCrone piece at the Joyce on 8/13-14. This dance was previously presented at Works in Process where the dancers were Stella, Alex, Tess Reichlen, and Tyler Angle. LeCrone used a piece of Bach music to choreograph a balletic dance and then used it again to choreograph a modern piece for other dancers - for comparison.

Wow, K!

I purchased tickets to the Emery LeCrone performance a few months back. Now I'm excited to see it with my favorite dancers.

I'm hoping Stella Abrera will be cast in MonotonesI&II as well. Hopefully for the Gala.

Hi J.,

Tony Dyson currently holds the copyright of Monotones I and II, and has since Ashton's death. (He also holds the copyright to Enigma Variations.) I found the information on the Frederick Ashton Foundation's website. http://www.frederickashton.org.uk/
There is a list of ten people who hold the copyrights to his ballets.

Thanks, Georgiann, for searching out that info. Lynn Wallis will be setting Monotones I&II on ABT, according to the initial press release.

Thank you for the link, Georgiann!

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