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August 24, 2015


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That was beautiful. The trust she has for her partner was great to see. I watched a few clips of the Houston dancers, they have a wonderful company, full of talent.

So, true. I forgot to mention that the accompanist is fantastic. Who needs an orchestra when you have a pianist who will give you that?

Gorgeous! I wish I had defected to a "2nd tier" company where I may have danced such roles!

Wow, and what a great partner she has!

This is really stunning! What a loss for New York, both Yuriko and Jared.

I agree with everyone that the dancers and pianist are magnificent! Would love to see Yuriko and Aaron dance Manon.

Magnificent! I would love to see Yuriko dance Manon! Haglund, that is a great idea to telecast Houston Ballet.

I'll second that, Angelica. The loss of Yuriko and Jared from ABT for no reasons other than absence of opportunities to dance and advance is yet another Exhibit A of the failed and unaccountable leadership that is artistically disabled.

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