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September 05, 2015


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Stella's ABT debut in Giselle this summer received rave reviews from many critics. She more than rose to the occasion on short notice; a real boon to ABT. Who at ABT is responsible for this glaring omission?

Answer: the same one who doesn't want anyone to know that she danced Aurora in Sleeping Beauty 10 times to international acclaim in New Zealand and Giselle to rave reviews in Australia. It would take the spotlight off of other, less capable dancers.

On the other hand, maybe this will jog memories at ABT that she did indeed dance Giselle and perhaps they have been remiss in not acknowledging it in her bio: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/07/arts/carrie-brownstein-carly-rae-jepsen-and-others-on-first-time-cultural-experiences.html?_r=0 (scroll down)

Finally, the dancers' bios have been partially updated. However, still no mention of Stella Abrera's guest principal appearances with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Ballet Philippines, or the Australian Ballet. There seems to be no trouble noting guest work in bios of other dancers, including Isabella Boylston; nor is there any trouble identifying Alban Lendorf as a former Exchange Artist with ABT. But apparently, the fact that Stella was an Exchange Artist going the opposite direction (to Australia) was considered an inferior accomplishment not worthy of mentioning.

What is the problem with this damn company not being able to credit its artists with their ballet accomplishments? How hard is it to simply cut & paste this sentence from the press release that announced the recent promotions: She has performed as a guest artist across the United States and Europe, as well as with The Australian Ballet, The Royal New Zealand Ballet and Ballet Philippines.

What. Is. The. Problem.

I like how the Royal Ballet writes their dancers bios. They may not list every single ballet ever performed, but they DO acknowledge the dancer's most important accomplishments. Adding a full length portrait in costume and a video in addition to the dancer's head shot is another nice touch by the Royal Ballet.

Stella's guest performances internationally as well as her astounding ABT debut in Giselle last May need to be updated now!

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