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September 09, 2015


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Thanks Haglund! Looking forward to seeing RB. True that we're always ready and grateful for more ballet viewing opportunities. Thanks RB.

The livestream is delayed or they're running late. Patience...

They've changed the time to 7:30 p.m. BST.

Thanks, Erica!

Well, that was a terrific webcast. Sarah Lamb projects with some mighty powerful subtlety. I hope that we will be able to see the cinemacast of the R&J performance in the U.S. on 9/22 – or shortly thereafter.

Very nice - Alex Campbell looks terrific too. Symphony Space is showing the
whole ROH Series - hope you can do Wednesday matinees. R&J on Oct 28th!
They're also showing the National Theatre Live series - all current
West End plays. It looks like all locations have been added to rohcinema.com

Naomi, thank you so much for the info! That's great news that the cinemacast will be shown (on a month-delayed basis) in almost 100 US theaters - unfortunately only two in NYC. Maybe a few more will sign on in in the coming weeks. We'll keep checking.

And yes, I completely agree with you about Alex Campbell. He was phenomenal in his Mercutio variations.

Thank you for the information on this presentation. I caught the end of it. Just in time to see Lamb and Hirano's rehearsal. Lamb is a beautiful dancer and has a very expressive body/dance technique. I"m glad I got to see her dance at the MET a few months back.

I was impressed with Alex Campbell's dancing. But he seemed very closed off to me in the acting aspect. Mercutio is a role that is very out there, very unafraid to go out and make friends and lovers. Campbell seemed too introspective to me, even one smile would have been great to see. However it was a rehearsal in front of a whole audience. So he could have been uncomfortable. But he has such beautiful form.

In DC, they showed the full ballet in movie theaters (ok, 1 or 2 movie theaters) on September 22. It was really lovely. New Yorkers: I recommend setting aside the matinee performance time in October to see it. It was interesting to note the different choices and nuances between the Royal Ballet and ABT's versions. For me, the humorous moments in the choreography are played much more broadly by ABT casts. I am thinking of the horseplay between Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio and the harlots; the 3 amigos and the nurse and Mercutio's solos. I like the interpretations of both companies but the tone seemed quite different to me in the Royal Ballet production.

Seeing the rehearsal footage in advance of watching the entire production made it even more enjoyable.

Thanks, Jennifer. I'm sure that many will try hard to arrange to see the matinees next month.

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