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October 23, 2015


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Haglund, it is great to read that ABT performed The Green Table exceptionally well. Like you, I first saw the Joffery Ballet perform it around the end of the Vietnam War, and I too have retained the image of Christian Holder's character and dancing long after. It was a powerful performance and a powerful ballet that made a great impression on my teenaged self. I believe Geoffrey Holder designed the costumes for that performance, though I'd have to verify that.

The casts around that time also included the remarkable Gary Chryst and Beatrice Rodriguez. I also distinctly remember in those days that a couple of minutes before the curtain would open on The Green Table, the audience could smell a whiff of some chemical associated with, I believe, the masks. It was a little unsettling but put one in the frame of mind to see an unsettling performance.


i saw both casts of The Green Table. Like you, I saw Holder many times, and to me he is the definitive Death. Watching Zhurbin's debut, however, I realized that I never thought of Holder as dancing Death. He just was Death, in an acting, not a dancing sense, perhaps. Zhurbin made me see the dancing in the role; it was a revelation. As he grows into the role, I think he will become a superb interpreter. Gomes was fantastic, but in a different way, more in the Holder vein.

I'm normally not a Simkin fan, but I thought the Profiteer was a great role for him. He was wilder in his interpretation than Cornejo, but I really enjoyed it. There is nothing more to say about Cornejo; he is my favorite ABT male and can do no wrong in my book.

Now, where can I talk about the epic fail of the second cast in Monitones I? A certain AD should lose his job over that fiasco. Monotones II, even if not perfect, looked like a masterpiece in comparison.

I too enjoyed Roman Zhurbin's interpretation of Death. I may try to catch it again later in the week in order to reflect more on what you said. I agree that Simkin was well-cast as the Profiteer. What was most interesting about his performance was that it made me wonder for the first time whether the Profiteer actually got away from Death in the end, which had always been my take on it.

Who would be surprised to hear about the epic fail in the second cast of Monotones I? I didn't see it and don't plan to. Feel free to elaborate either here or in the above post about ABT over the weekend.

Because of my schedule, this was my only chance to take in Monotones, and I love it so much I went anyway regardless of the suspect cast. It had bobble after misstep after hesitation after bobble..... You get the idea: never in sync, always struggling, looked totally under-rehearsed. Friend with me, who goes to dance a lot, but not necessarily to ABT, kept asking "Who's the short one? She's terrible." Sorry, Kochetkova, but you were terrible.

II, at least, looked sufficiently rehearsed, and while there may have been a bobble or two, it was very much more in sync from the beginning and managed to convey the style and feeling of the piece. The best II ever? Hardly, but next to I it was a triumph.

On another note, I want to go back to the spring, when I complained about the worst Bluebird I had ever seen, and you thought some of what I objected to (like his bent leg) may have been intentional choreography. Well, congratulations Gabe Stone Shayer, you are now off my ignore list. Your Tico-Tico in Company B was fabulous; I'm now looking forward to seeing what else you can do. Also loved Patrick Ogle (Oh, Johnny) and Cassandra Trenary (Rum and Coca Cola).

Also, forgot to mention that Lucianna Paris blew me away as the Old Woman in The Green Table in first cast. Why have I not been paying more attention to her before this?
(second cast Old Woman made no impression me at all.)

I hope that Macaulay or the other NYT critics, who have embraced Misty's celebrity over others' artistry and cheer ABT's adoption of mediocre guest artists, had good seats at the Monotones performance with the alternate cast that you saw. It will be interesting to see how they put a positive spin on it - even more interesting if they choose to ignore it.

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