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October 13, 2015


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Perhaps those were Misty's fans in the audience?

Jeannette, you read my mind with your comment! I sincerely hope that the questions today are more substantive. I just noticed that her name is spelled "Uliana" on the website. Really? She is only one of the greatest ballerinas of our time. They could have bothered to get that right.

I really don't have words for the incredible artistry and beauty of Ulyana Lopatkina's dancing. This is ballet at it's finest; beautiful sustained flowing movement and expression, no "tricks" or distraction. Incredibly lovely and beautifully controlled adage. Just the beauty of seeing her walk was incredible, and her bourees! I could feel my breath slow down. That said, I was watching her dance on my cellphone! Not even in person, and she moved me so much.

Thanks Haglund for letting us know about this performance and providing the link. Thanks Mr. Iseman for making this performance possible.

I add my thanks to Mr. Iseman, too. Ulyana Lopatkina was quite beautiful. Of course, the stage wasn't large enough for her to do much, but what she did was exquisite. My fingers are crossed that she'll be dancing in Washington DC in February.

What is the secret to her bourrees? She moved her feet front to back as well as minimally up and down. I haven't seen that anywhere except in Russian- (perhaps even only Mariinsky-) trained dancers.

I don't know, Angelica. However, I have seen similar quality skimming bourrees done by Tiler Peck. I think that it simply may be the result of a higher dedication to doing them correctly: both legs turned out and fully crossed in fifth position. American bourrees tend to be very plodding, effortful, plus-sized movements.

The comments about the Yale Q&A remind me of my experience hearing Ratmansky interviewed at the New York Public Library's main branch building on 42nd Street a year or two ago. The interviewer was ill-prepared, incompetent, an embarrassment. Of course Ratmansky was pure class. If only Jennifer Homans (who introduced the evening) could have conducted the interview!

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