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October 18, 2015


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Love the focus of the photo! And thank you for the enthusiastic and supportive critique.

Thanks, J. The company looks incredible at every level.

Haglund, your cat is beautiful!

Great review--I must get to New York soon to see the NYCB.

Thanks, Georgiann. I highly recommend a well-planned trip to NYCB in the winter or spring.

Having seen both ABT and NYCB on a brief visit to NY, I completely agree that NYCB is having a peak time in talent. There wasn't a single featured dancer who didn't sparkle. And let's say it again, they groom and coach their in-company talent. I have no interest in seeing yet another super-pliable Russian at ABT, lovely as they may be. There's only so many roles in a season and the many guest artists take opportunities away from the best talent ABT has to offer.

I was there too! And also completely blown away by the remarkable talent of the entire company. Such a shame about Barocco, as I was really looking forward to that one.

Btw, did you notice Mr. Martins observing the last two ballets in the back of the orchestra? He may not be perfect, but at least he honestly observes and promotes the company and the dancers.

ITA, enchanteddancer. Thanks for stopping by H.H.

Peter always sits in the back of the orchestra (row R) virtually every performance. Saturday night was the first I hadn't seen him there in ......forever.

Yep, I see him in his seat at almost every performance.

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