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November 07, 2015


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What a fabulous review! Thanks once again for writing, Mr. S. It is my hope that the Artistic Director will take your suggestions.

Thank you, Mr. S, for your very detailed summary of your views and thoughts regarding ABT this Fall. It was a heartfelt, pleasure to read. I so agree with you about Herman Cornejo! He was the brilliant diamond in the crown this season for me. I only wish ABT's Fall season at the Koch Theater was a full month long...

I am particularly partial to Mr. S's idea about seeing a full length classic during the fall season. We already know that a Giselle production can be fitted to the Koch stage. Paris Opera Ballet sold out most of their eight performances.

There are other classical and neo-classical pieces that ABT could incorporate into their rep that would be appreciated during the fall season: La Sylphide, Etudes, Ballet Imperial, Symphonie Concertante, and the much missed Bruch Violin Concerto.

Why on earth has Clark Tippet's brilliant Bruch Violin Concerto been missing from ABT's rep for so long? The ballet has been staged in other companies. It's beginning to look like maybe this is a case of ABT's artistic director not being able to get along with either the Tippet estate or the person who controls the staging.

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