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November 02, 2015


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Hopefully, all the dancers will keep their kittens and puppies away from Ben Daniels.

Thank you for being on the cutting edge with this, Haglund and getting it right out to us. I'll be away on Sunday so would have missed it. Alas, all I can say is Eewwwww! The best part was seeing Irina Dvorovenko looking so stunning. And Sascha, with his adorable smile. So far, the rest is a cliche-ridden rehash of Black Swan, with all the stereotypes we expect (but hope not) to see. I doubt I'll bail, but I hope it gets better!

Angelica, I agree that it was filled with cliche-dialogue. It sounded like Ben Daniels spent a lot of time listening to David Howard tapes and then tried to spice it up with a little Basil Thompson. I nearly expected to hear "well, maybe you can sing" and "you call that 5th position?" followed by a whack of the cane.

However, Sarah Hay comes across as 100% genuine. Her complicated emotions read clearly on her face. You can feel her nerves as though they were your own.

Irina is fabulous, too. That Gamzatti look is a killer. Sascha, although he hasn't had much to say yet, is certainly a natural in front of the camera.

I thought the overall appearance of "the company" had a small municipal, low-budget look.

Thanks for the link, Haglund. It was fun to watch even though it was trite, trashy, and everyone/everything was a stereotype. I thought the scene with the brother was particularly gross. Dvorovenko and Hay were both terrific. I hope we get to see more dancing.

Keep on informing us!

Hi, Marta.

I believe that there is a longish ballet sequence choreographed by Stiefel which we'll see in process along the way and the finished product at the end. At least, that's my understanding.

Hi Haglund, how can we continue to watch the series. Is there a site that we can subscribe to?

Hi m&m.

To my knowledge, the only way to watch it is to subscribe to Starz through your cable company.

I signed up for Starz and have been sort of binge watching ... 4.5 episodes in (a girl has to sleep sometime). My view is that it's sort of a train wreck ... you can't look away. But the perpetuation of ballet dancers as a group of predominantly deeply troubled, drug crazed individuals is disappointing. Agree 100% that Sarah Hay is a keeper though. That girl has talent and depth. And it is great to see a show where the quality of the dance is what it should be.

Thanks, sharonomink. I haven't watched any more of Flesh and Bone since I don't subscribe to Starz, but it sounds like the program not only perpetuates stereotypes of ballet dancers, but also of cable TV. I mean, it's television -- which has not exactly been getting more worthwhile over the past 30 years -- regardless of the many awards the industry deals itself.

I doubt that F&B will drive anyone away from or toward ballet.

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