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November 10, 2015


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Thanks for talking about DanceFAR, Haglund. You didn't mention that Garen Scribner, who's the understudy lead for American in Paris and one of the founders, will also be joining us tonight, performing something from the wonderful show, which I was finally lucky enough to get to New York and see a few weeks ago. I believe he'll be dancing with newly promoted SFB principal, Dores Andre who was out your way learning and rehearsing last week. Also performing are two former SFB dancers, now at Silicon Valley Ballet...Ommi Pipith and Brett Bauer, in an excerpt from Alonso's Giselle. I don't think anyone gave you a review of that, but I think you'd have been surprised by the high quality of dancing and the capturing of the Cuban style. Was a treat. Anyway - tonight's event is always a great event for Bay Area dance lovers and those who want to see cancer eradication.

Thanks sharonomink for all of the additional info about the DanceFAR event.

I was a little disappointed that no one wrote into H.H. about the special Cuban Giselle at Silicon Valley Ballet. Glad to hear that it did not disappoint. Over the past decade or so, we in NY have had the privilege of watching Xiomara Reyes' special interpretation which had many wonderful Cuban qualities. It sounds like SVB got their entire production right off of the Cuban blueprint, so to speak.

Well, Haglund's hopes of a Simone swan and a Corella Don Q got dashed pretty quickly, didn't they? Que sera sera.

The MCB rep includes among other things Serenade and Symphony in Three Movements while the PB rep will be all new works made especially for the company. These are still two hotly anticipated visitors.

Happy to say that my LA Philharmonic season subscription includes Apollo on Saturday, November 28, 2015!

That's great, J. Please let us know how it goes.

Even though she outclasses them, it is still great to see our Stella mentioned in the same breath as Hee Seo and Devon Teuscher. (I think there's a dangling participle in that sentence, but thankfully, our Stella is no longer dangling.)

I was actually thinking "Lucky Devon to be performing with principal dancers!" I first encountered her at an open ballet class at Albany Berkshire Ballet (she was a 14 year old student with a Vermont school) and even though she clearly outclassed the company ballerinas, she was just given 1 performance of Marzipan. I saw her again at a Boston Ballet summer program audition, another ABB audition class and then later in the 2004 ABT Summer Intensive performance. That year April Giangeruso, Leann Underwood, Isabella Boylston, and Isadora Loyola had solos but not Devon (I can't remember if Erica Pereira had a solo). Each time I saw her she was better and better but always seemed a bit overlooked by whomever was in charge. It really makes me smile with joy to see her shooting upwards!

Hi E. Thanks for stopping by H.H.

Devon was a marvel in the two technically demanding roles that she danced in Ashton's Cinderella. In addition to her solidly spectacular technique, she has a cool kind of beauty, a little like Toni Lander's, and I am increasingly picturing her dancing the lead in Etudes. She'll also be great in both leads in La Bayadere. And she's immediately likable without the benefit of a lot of tasteless, pointless social media.

Yes yes yes! I was so happy to see that she did the Fairy Godmother solo at the Guggenheim (https://youtu.be/zyHAdKI3XKc?t=35m25s), I would have loved to have seen it at the Met...

Thanks for the link, E. For anyone who doesn't have time to watch the whole video, Devon's solo begins at about 35:20.

The Joyce Theater is bringing in so many interesting companies. Hong Kong Ballet will be in town during the winter season. Even a small company Sarasota Ballet will be here next summer to perform Ashton.

I need more money for tickets!

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