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November 12, 2015


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Speaking of the little mother-to-be, here is a nice interview with some gorgeous pictures.


Thanks, L.

Love, love, love her new haircut. As always, NYC Dance Project has come up with some magnificent images.

Remember Crazy Eddie's? I'd love to attend a performance (or two) of Nutcracker, but the ticket prices are INSANE! $95 to sit in the fourth ring? This is a Nutcracker for the 1%. Please tell me if there are ways to get less expensive tickets.

True, Angelica. Buying NYCB Nutcracker tickets is tough. In order to get the lower priced tickets, one has to buy well in advance of announced casting--usually on the first day of sales. $95 for a 4th ring seat, IMO, is not money well spent.

Thank you, Haglund, for the good advice. Alas, whenever I buy tickets without knowing casting, I end up disappointed. The only time I was successful was when POB was here and I made a calculated assumption that Nicholas LaRiche would dance the first performance of Bolero and Marie-Agnes Gillot would dance the second. But the ticket I bought to Swan Lake this year, before casting was announced, resulted in a resolution on my part NEVER to buy tickets without knowing casting in advance. The opportunity cost of seeing a dancer I don't care for is too great.

It's interesting that ABT, which recently changed its casting for Nutcracker in California, is acknowledging that ballet lovers want to see their favorite dancers and is allowing customers to exchange their tickets. So different from the brutal "No returns, no exchanges" policy that has been in place up to now. Is it the climate in California that encourages a more laid-back attitude and enables them to relax the rules? Perhaps it's the medical marijuana laws.

I recently received the online ABT Pointe of View and recall seeing the mention of a "new era", it may be for the 2016 Ratmansky Spring Season but it might also mean changes for ticket rules?

I caught Michael Flatley and his group of talented dancers on Stephen Colbert's show Friday night...and wow. Just wow. At 57 years old Flatley is still one of a kind. I don't mind that he flits in and out every several sets of counts to build some rest in, because when he is dancing he is ON. And such charisma. Wish I was in New York to see more!

Hi Krystin. Thanks for the tip that Michael Flatley and men were on Colbert.

I just watched the segment online: http://www.cbs.com/shows/the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/video/J5WBhO_qAcJ9tb0fgRFHj5_JI4wZ_36j/the-late-show-11-13-2015-mark-ruffalo-john-cleese-michael-flatley-/

Flatley is on at the end of the show. When you skip forward, of course, you cannot skip out of any commercials. But he is fantastic - all that old Chicago/Irish swagger, and he looks great and dances with tremendous energy and charisma. I'm really glad that I saw the show even if a lot of it was like a Super Bowl Halftime.

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